Only One Way Out

Robert Jefferson pulled into his driveway and put his car in park before tilting his head back and allowing it to rest against the head rest of gray 2006 Toyota Corolla. Then, closing his eyes for a moment, he sighed deeply before placing his hands to his face and began scrubbing it. Thereafter, he released another sigh before removing his hands from his face. He then grabbed his red lunch box from the passenger seat and existed the car. Exhausted beyond belief, he drunkenly made his way to the front door. Then, after entering the house, Richard walked into the living room to discover his wife, Angie sitting on the couch facing the front door. She sat cross legged with her favorite coffee mug Richard had made for her years ago when she and Richard first started dating. The mug contain a painting of the sky on the night Richard and Angie had met. The painting seemed so life like that even twenty years later Angie still questioned if it was a photograph or if it truly was paint.

“ Hey beauty, shouldn’t you be asleep?” He asked as he set his work bag on a dark, wooden, bench located by the door.

He then kneeled down and began removing his shoes before adding them into line up of wife and children’s shoes. Thereafter he made his way over to the couch where he plopped down onto it. Then, as he laid back, his head landed in Angie’s lap allowing her to look down into his eyes.

“ How was work?” She questioned creasing his smooth, dark, locks.

“ Uneventful. Moving heavy ass boxes and a bunch of other bull” He informed her as she continued to play with his hair.

“ So… does this mean you’re not up for sex?” She questioned cocking a perfectly groomed eyebrow up at him.

“Whoa, wh-“

“ Oh God Matt! Yes right there!” Shouted a voice from beneath where Angie and Robert sat.

In an instant everything fell silent as the husband and wife exchange confused looks.

“Am I crazy or did I just-”

“ Oh yes, yes. Oh God DONT STOP!” The voice shouted.

Then, before Angie could process what was happening, her husband was up on his feet. Quickly, he made his way to the kitchen where he grabbed his gun from it’s hiding place in a safe under the sink. Then, after making sure it was loaded, Robert headed towards the cries.

“Got damn Kate, you’re so tight” a male grunted.

That was to straw that broke the camels back. With his wife hot on his tail, Robert entered the basement and made his way to his daughter’s bedroom door. Then, when her arrived the door to Kate’s room was knocked off it’s hinges when Robert’s foot kicked it.

“ What the-”

A redheaded teenage boy jumped from Kate’s bed and used a barbie pillow to cover his manhood.

“ Daddy what are you doing?! Put the gun down!” Kate shouted from behind the shivering boy.

“ Aw, look at that honey. His first thought was to protect Kate” Robert pointed out as he waved the gun in the direction of his daughter and the young boy.

“ Aw, that’s so sweet” Angie cooed, from behind her husband, as she placed a hand over her heart.

Robert walked over to the boy and his daughter. He tossed his daughter her robe and turned his back to her allowing her to slip it on. When she was finished, Robert took a seat on the bed, pulling Katy and the boy down with him.

“ So Matt, how do you know my little girl?” Robert questioned, the gun still in his hand.

“ Daddy and you please put the gun away?” Kate asked as she watched all the color drain from Matt’s face.

“Relax, I’m just cleaning my gun. It’s called multitasking honey” Robert informed her as reached into his other pocket and pulled out a small towel.

He then began cleaning his gun as he asked his question again;

“Anyways. How do you two know each other?”

Matt casted his eyes down for a moment and instantly regretted it. His eyes fell a pond the Glock nineteen that Robert was cleaning as the older man looked directly at him.

“ Um, I….I” Matt closed for a moment and swallow, before opening them and coming face to metal with it again.

“ Be careful honey. You don’t wanna accidentally pull that trigger.” Angie called out from the door way.

“ See, this why I married you. Always thinking. I should probably put this safety on, shouldn’t I?” Robert chuckled, looking at his wife before pushing the little lever on the gun and activating the safety.

“ Daddy stop. You’re scaring him” Katie complained, from her father’s right side.

“ Well he scared me first. The way I heard you screaming from upstairs, I thought he was attacking you or something” Robert told her, causing Katie’s face to burning of embarrassment.

“ Well.” Robert paused for a moment to pick up Matt’s forgotten pants.

Then, rummaging through the young boy’s pockets, Robert locate Matt’s wallet. Robert then pulled out the young boy’s id before continuing.

“ Matthew J. Landersmith. Address 1654 Black river Ave. I will see you Monday when I drop my little girl off at school” Robert told him before standing up.

He then gathered Matt’s things and heading over to the window.

“ Get home safe” Robert smiled before throwing his clothes out the window.

“ Daddy!” Katie shouted.

A stern look from Robert caused Katie to sit back down and shut her mouth.

Matt then attempted to exist Katie’s room through the door when Robert placed a hand to the young boy’s chest stopping him.

“ No, no, no. Those who visit the Jefferson household always leave the way they came” Robert smirked.

Now knowing better, Katie said nothing as her father lead the boy to the open bedroom window. Then, with the towel wrapped around his waste, Matt was forced to jump off the Jefferson’s roof.

Robert then slammed the window shut and turned to his daughter.

“ Tomorrow, this doors coming off” Robert told her before ushering Angie out of the room and slamming the door behind him.