The Second Place Son

Twelve year old Marcus Johnson jumped out of his mother’s Jeep Compass and did his best to dodge the droplets of water as he made his way from the car to the front door of his home.

Recently Marcus had hit his very first milestone when his mother took him to Trevor’s, a local hardware store in town, and made him his very own copy of the house key. She even allowed him to choose the design and everything.

Removing the customized key from his pocket, he unlocked the door, pushed it open and hurried inside. In a rush, he didn’t even bother closing the door behind him, for his mother entered the house hot on his heels with a duffle bag containing his baseball gear.

“ Your father’s gonna be so proud when he sees these pictures” Ashely, Marcus’ mother commented, looking down at her phone.

She scrolled passed a few photos as she placed the duffle bag down onto a bench located beside the door. Then, walking through the foyer and into the living room, she continued to scroll until she came a across a picture of Marcus by himself. He stood with his legs spread apart, his cap on backwards and his bat resting on his shoulders as he gave his mother’s Iphone a smile brighter than a thousand suns.

“ My, my, Mr. Marcus, you sure are mighty handsome” Ashely stated in a southern accent , boastfully showing him the photo .

“ Thanks mom. Now I gotta get changed. Dad’s gonna be here any minute now and I don’t wanna keep him wait!” Marcus shouted, as he took off running up the stairs and off to his bedroom to change out of his uniform.

While he was busy changing, she walked over to the baseball bag that laid discarded on the floor by the front door and placed in the small closet located beneath the stairs. Once finish, she headed into the kitchen where she began making Marcus something to eat.

Then, after a bit of time, Marcus returned to the kitchen sporting a Dodger cap, a plain white shirt, and a pair of faded blue jeans.

“ Has dad called yet?” He asked, making his way to the frigid and opening it.

“ Nope. Not yet.” Ashely replied, causing Marcus’ shoulders to slump a bit.

“ But how about I make you some apple pie while we wait. Then, by the time dad gets here it’ll be done and the three of us can eat it together” She suggested.

“ Yeah, I like that idea” Marcus smiled.

Then, after grabbing a soda from the frigid, Marcus headed to the living room to watch some T.V while his mother baked the pie.

Flopping onto the couch, Marcus turned on the T.V and pulled up Hulu. Then, after scroll through numerous movies and shows, he finally decide to watch Hey Arnold. One episode turned into two, and two into four, and soon he was finished with the entire first season. Time had flown up Marcus so quickly that he hadn’t even noticed that he’d eaten three slices of apple pie. Then as the finally episode of the second season ended, Marcus turned to the window to see that it had gotten dark. So, gathering his dish and eating utensils, Marcus headed back into the kitchen. There, he opened his mouth to ask his mother if his father had called when her phone rang. Instantly, Marcus’ heart quicken with excitement as he watched her answer the phone.

“ Oh Jerry, thank goodness you finally called. I was getting worried” she said.

Her back was to Marcus so she had yet to see him in the kitchen.

She listened for a moment before sighing and speaking.

“ Seriously Jackson. This shit again. Marcus has been waiting to see you all day. First you skip his game, and now your ditching our son for a whore and a line of coke! THIS SHIT AGAIN JACKSON?!” She yelled into the phone.

That was enough for Marcus. With quick feet he made his way into his room and locked the door. Then, after face planning into his bed, Marcus began to sob into the baseball comforter. He did it again, Marcus’ father had chosen his cocaine addiction over his son once again.