A Pleasant Surprise

Johnathan Patterson stood in the middle of his younger twin brother’s bedroom, fixing his hair in the mirror located on the back of the bedroom door.

“ Josh! Do we really have to go clubbing? You know how much I hate people.” John shouted.

“ Especially when their drunk” Joey, John and Josh’s twin brother added from his spot on Josh’s bed.

Josh, who was currently in the bathroom shaving his face, poked his half shaven face out of the bathroom door and looked at the other two men he entered the world with.

“ Are we really having his conversation AGAIN?” He asked, arching a brow up at his older twin brother.

“ Yes, yes we are. Cause I don’t wanna spend MY birthday with a bunch of drunk sluts” John answered.

Josh shook his head before it pulling back into the bathroom. The sound of his electric razor filled the space of the bathroom and leaked out into his bedroom. Then, after a moment or two the buzzing stopped and Josh stuck his head out the bathroom door again.

“ Joey, tell YOUR brother-”

“ Oh no. Joey’s not telling anyone anything. Im not getting in the middle of this” Joey stated, jumping up from his spot on Josh’s bed and throwing his hands up in a surrendering manner.

Shaking his head, Josh mumbled something to low for the other two to hear before pulling his head back into the bathroom. Then, the razor cut back on for a moment or two before it turned off for the third and final time.

“ We’ve been over this. We do all of John’s birthday things in the morning. Jeffy’s in the afternoon, and mine at night. I’ve been talking about this for WEEKS, why didn’t you guys fucking say something then?” Josh questioned, walking out of the bathroom as he wiped his face with a wet towel.

“ He’s got a point” Joey pointed.

“ Whatever happen to you not wanting to get in the middle of this JOEY” John stated, giving his brother a pointed look.

“ Who am I kidding? I’ll always be in middle.” Joey commented before laying back on Josh’s bed.

“ What happen to our tradition? Uh, you know. We buy matching outfits, take some pics, have dinner, and call it a day. Remember that?” John questioned throwing his arms in the air.

“ Joey, remember on our eighteenth birthday when SOMEONE…” Josh paused for a moment to stare into the eyes of his older brother for emphasis.

“ Said that we should start doing shit our own way. Making memories and traditions OURSELVES. Remember that Joey. Who said that again?” Josh asked sarcastically as he rubbed his chin.

“Fine! Let’s fucking go. But I want some food first. No fucking way am I drinking on an empty stomach” John grumbled.

Fist bumping, Josh tossed on his favorite black jeans and a blue button before grabbing his car keys. Then, after grabbing their matching jackets, the guys existed Josh’s house and into the misty Portland air. They then hopped into Joey’s Chevy Colorado, and back out of the driveway.

“ Can we stop by a 7-eleven Joe? You guys know I don’t like drinking on an empty stomach” John requested, causing Joey and Josh to let out a laugh.

“ This fucking guy” Joey laughed, hooking a thump at his older brother.

Complying, Joey found the closest 7-eleven. Then, the moment they arrived and pulled into a parking spot, a black Range Rover pulled up beside them.

The guys hopped out of their truck first before three women dressed as if they were headed to the club hopped out of their car. Instantly, the driver caught John’s attention. Her wavy hair fell down her back like a black waterfall. Then, as she made her way over to the door of the 7-eleven the luscious locks waved from side to side.

Right behind her, John entered the store as if he were a lost puppy. The women grabbed an Arizona iced tea from the cooler and began making her way to the front of the store. She then paid for her drink and turned to the door. Then, just before she walked out, the dark haired goddess turned to him.

“ Didn’t your mother ever teach you it’s not polite to stare?” She asked, looking him dead in the face.

“ She did. But my dad also told me that goddess are far and few so if I ever saw one up close I should soak it all in” He replied with a wide grin.

The women lowered her head and gave a little chuckle and shook her head.

“ You’re gonna have to try a little harder than that” she stated before walking out of the store.

Not ready for her to leave, John chased after her.

“ Wait, at least give me your number or something. You know so I can try again” He called out.

The women stopped in her tracks before turning around. Then, holding her hand out, she flicked a single, perfectly manicured finger, motioning for him to come closer. Then, when he was with reach, she spoke.

“Give me your phone” she order with a tone that awakened something with him.

Without question or hesitation, he handed it over.

Her hands moved quickly over the screen of his phone for a few minutes before she tossed it back to him.

“I’m a busy person John. I can’t just have strangers calling me when every they wish” she stated, causing confusion to take over his features.

It wasn’t until she headed back to her car that John noticed followed herself Instagram rather than her phone number. Puzzled but pleased with her photos, John double tapped a few pictures before grabbing a Code Red Mountain Dew, and a bag of chips. Then, after paying for them, he existed the store and hopped into the truck. As they pulled out of the parking lot, John starred at a picture of Angle’s, and what he assumed to be her friends, mirror selfie. Laughing to himself, John double tapped that one as well before shaking his head and pocketing his phone.

Let the game of cat and mouse begin.


Robert’s Mission

The day began like any other day would. Seventeen year old Robert Nelson woke up around six in the morning, got out of bed, and began his morning routine. He started off by stretching and getting his muscles warmed up. Then, after some push ups, a glass of water, and brushing his teeth, Robert began making his way downstairs. On any normal day, he would have been greeted with breakfast at the kitchen island. However, that day wasn’t a normal day. Instead of breakfast, he was greeted with a note.

Hi honey,

You’re father and I had some business to attend to in the city today. Sorry weren’t able to have breakfast with you. We didn’t want to wake you so sorry we didn’t say goodbye. We’re going to be here at for a couple days. So, if it isn’t to much to ask, please grab the mail. You’re father is expecting some important mail either today or tomorrow.

Be safe- Love mom.

‘Check the mail!’ The thought alone made him sick with fear.

‘Was she serious? She can’t be. She knows I don’t go outside’ He thought to himself.

Robert hadn’t been outside in YEARS. Not since….. No, he didn’t want to think about that. Shaking his head, he balled up the note and tossed it in the trash. There was no way in HELL he was going out there. You couldn’t pay him to leave the house. Crumbling up the note, he tossed it in the trash. Then, after making himself a bowl of cereal, he headed to the living room. He attempted to enjoy some television but the constant nagging in the back of his mind made it impossible. So, after fighting it off long enough to somewhat enjoy two and a half episodes of Clifford, he caved. Jumping up from the couch ran upstairs. If he was going out there he’d need protection. Going into his father’s study, he grabbed his father’s old military helmet and a bulletproof vest. Then, after suiting up, he headed back downstairs, he stood in the foyer.

“ Alright. Just go out there, grab the mail, and get back in. Simple Rob.” He stated, looking himself in the eyes.

He then took a deep breath, turned to the door and slowly reached for the door when a knock came at the door. Startled, he quickly ducked down and held his breath as if he were underwater.

There was silence for a moment before the doorbell rang again.

” UPS” a male voice called out.

With his heart till racing, Robert slowly rose to his feet and checked the peephole. Sure enough a man dress in a discussing brown uniform stood on the porch holding a box.

Wanting to get it over with, Robert threw open the door straddling the man a bit.

” I’ve got a package for Micheal” the man stated.

Robert grunted before the delivery man chuckled and handing him a pen and a bulky computer like device.

Not wanting to use his real name, Robert simply scribble on the pad before handing it back. Then, after receiving the package and bidding the man a farewell, Robert watch the man leave before slamming the door shut.

” Never again. I will never interact with the public again.” He vowed before tossing the package on the table in the middle of the foyer and heading back to his bedroom.

Twisted Affair

Patrick Collins whistled Bobby Hebb’s Sunny, as he punched in the security code for the alarm. Then, after successfully entering the code, Patrick began making his exist. Once outside, Patrick fished his car key out of his pocket and unlocked his blue,Toyota Tacoma. Then, after hopping into the truck, he inserted the key into the ignition and cranked the car to life. Then, as he was pulling his seatbelt on, Bobby Hebb’s voice filled the cabin of the truck. Laughing to himself, Patrick clicked his seatbelt before throwing the truck into reverse and began backing up. Then, after leaving the tattoo shop behind, he began making his way home when an idea smacked into the side of brain. So, taking a quick little detour, he headed to the favorite follow shop of his girlfriend Isabell. The fact that a follow shop was open at eleven o’clock at night was a bit strange to him but nevertheless he went anyway. Then, after getting Isabell an array of different flowers, he finally began making his way home. After sitting in the usual L.A traffic for two and a half hours, Patrick finally made it home. Moving quickly, he snagged his usual parking spot and hopped out of the truck. Then, after grabbing the flowers and his briefcase, he made his way into the large apartment building. Then, after a ten minute elevator ride, he finally arrived at his front door. The minute he entered the house, Patrick was met with the sounds of a grunting man. The sound cause Patrick’s eats to perk up like an alert dog. Then, there was a pause before a man’s voice filled the living room.

“ Oh shit Isabell, feels so good” The voice grunted.

That was it. That was the sentence that broke the cameral’s back. Seeing red, Patrick dropped everything and raced up the stairs. Then, busting into his and Isabell’s room, Patrick began confronting her.

“ You cheating little slut!” He roared.

An other gentleman quickly jumped up from the bed revealing more blood then Patrick had ever seen in all of his twenty seven years of being alive. Then, before he could process what was happening, the naked man opened the bedroom window and jumped out. Stunned, Patrick ran over to the window and stuck his head out. He looked for a minute or two, trying to see if the man had ended up clinging to a balcony below them, but he saw nothing. So, shaking all thoughts of the man, Patrick turned his attention back to Isabell.

“ Isabell, how could you!” He shouted turning to her.

It was only then that he realized she wasn’t responding. She didn’t jump up and attempt to plead her case. She didn’t cry or apologize. She didn’t do anything. She simply laid there staring at their bedroom ceiling. So, walking over to her, Patrick examined her. Her eyes were wide open but her chest didn’t rise and fall like. Then, as he looked closer, he saw that her throat had been slit. She wasn’t alive. He’d just walked in on a stranger sleeping with his girlfriend’s dead body. The thought made him sick. So, hurry out of the room, he dialed nine one one.

Waiting For Headlights

Forty one year old Megan Liverpool sipped her lukewarm, cranberry, flavored tea. As she sipped the warm goodness from her ‘World’s Greatest Mom’ coffee mug, she stared out at the road. Each time a set of headlights would illuminate the road in front of the Liverpool residence, Megan would tighten her grip on her mug and sit up straighter. Then, as the car would ride past the house she’d deflate into her chair. This cycle continued for quite sometime until after the umpteenth time, Megan went to take a sip from her mug only to find it empty. Luckily for her, moments after she came to the realization, a teapot arrived before her and a hand began filling up her cup again. Once it was full, Megan looked up into soft green eyes she’d spent the last twenty plus years looking into.

“ Thank you” she smiled, titling her head back.

The pourer of the tea then bent his head and placed a soft kiss a pond her lips. Then, after taking a seat behind his wife, Megan’s husband looked over at her.

“ It’s ten. You’re usually asleep by now. Why are you still up?” She inquired, looking at him.

“ Well, I didn’t get my kiss good night and I can’t catch any z’s when my better half is stressing about our son’s whereabouts” He replied.

“ I’m not stressing” she stated, rolling her eyes.

“ Megan” He said, drawing her name out as he gave her an all knowing look.

“ Marcus” she mocked.

“ Honey he’s nineteen for crying out loud. Plus he just got his car, he’s probably showing it off to all his friends or he’s on a drive. You know how much he likes driving at night” Marcus reminded her.

Letting her head fall back, she looked up at the night sky and sighed.

“ I know, but he’s still my baby boy and I have to make sure when he gets here I’m here to welcome him home” she stated.

Laughing to himself, Marcus shook his head at her antics. Then, opening his arms up wide, he wordlessly invited her to come and sit on his lap. She apply accepted and after getting comfortable, the husband and wife stared out at the driveway. Then, around eleventh or so, a black Dodge Challenger pulled into the driveway.

“ Oh my goodness! He’s here, he’s here” She cheered jumping up from her husband’s lap.

Then, as she ran over to their son’s car, Jason, their son, stumbled out of the car.

The moment Megan saw him, she instantly began livid at his lack of walking abilities. However that anger quickly began horror when Jason clutched his side and stumbled over to her. Blood dipped from his mouth as Marcus push passed his wife and caught his son just before he fell. Then, before Megan could register what was happening, two paramedics were lifting Jason into the back of an ambulance.

Only One Way Out

Robert Jefferson pulled into his driveway and put his car in park before tilting his head back and allowing it to rest against the head rest of gray 2006 Toyota Corolla. Then, closing his eyes for a moment, he sighed deeply before placing his hands to his face and began scrubbing it. Thereafter, he released another sigh before removing his hands from his face. He then grabbed his red lunch box from the passenger seat and existed the car. Exhausted beyond belief, he drunkenly made his way to the front door. Then, after entering the house, Richard walked into the living room to discover his wife, Angie sitting on the couch facing the front door. She sat cross legged with her favorite coffee mug Richard had made for her years ago when she and Richard first started dating. The mug contain a painting of the sky on the night Richard and Angie had met. The painting seemed so life like that even twenty years later Angie still questioned if it was a photograph or if it truly was paint.

“ Hey beauty, shouldn’t you be asleep?” He asked as he set his work bag on a dark, wooden, bench located by the door.

He then kneeled down and began removing his shoes before adding them into line up of wife and children’s shoes. Thereafter he made his way over to the couch where he plopped down onto it. Then, as he laid back, his head landed in Angie’s lap allowing her to look down into his eyes.

“ How was work?” She questioned creasing his smooth, dark, locks.

“ Uneventful. Moving heavy ass boxes and a bunch of other bull” He informed her as she continued to play with his hair.

“ So… does this mean you’re not up for sex?” She questioned cocking a perfectly groomed eyebrow up at him.

“Whoa, wh-“

“ Oh God Matt! Yes right there!” Shouted a voice from beneath where Angie and Robert sat.

In an instant everything fell silent as the husband and wife exchange confused looks.

“Am I crazy or did I just-”

“ Oh yes, yes. Oh God DONT STOP!” The voice shouted.

Then, before Angie could process what was happening, her husband was up on his feet. Quickly, he made his way to the kitchen where he grabbed his gun from it’s hiding place in a safe under the sink. Then, after making sure it was loaded, Robert headed towards the cries.

“Got damn Kate, you’re so tight” a male grunted.

That was to straw that broke the camels back. With his wife hot on his tail, Robert entered the basement and made his way to his daughter’s bedroom door. Then, when her arrived the door to Kate’s room was knocked off it’s hinges when Robert’s foot kicked it.

“ What the-”

A redheaded teenage boy jumped from Kate’s bed and used a barbie pillow to cover his manhood.

“ Daddy what are you doing?! Put the gun down!” Kate shouted from behind the shivering boy.

“ Aw, look at that honey. His first thought was to protect Kate” Robert pointed out as he waved the gun in the direction of his daughter and the young boy.

“ Aw, that’s so sweet” Angie cooed, from behind her husband, as she placed a hand over her heart.

Robert walked over to the boy and his daughter. He tossed his daughter her robe and turned his back to her allowing her to slip it on. When she was finished, Robert took a seat on the bed, pulling Katy and the boy down with him.

“ So Matt, how do you know my little girl?” Robert questioned, the gun still in his hand.

“ Daddy and you please put the gun away?” Kate asked as she watched all the color drain from Matt’s face.

“Relax, I’m just cleaning my gun. It’s called multitasking honey” Robert informed her as reached into his other pocket and pulled out a small towel.

He then began cleaning his gun as he asked his question again;

“Anyways. How do you two know each other?”

Matt casted his eyes down for a moment and instantly regretted it. His eyes fell a pond the Glock nineteen that Robert was cleaning as the older man looked directly at him.

“ Um, I….I” Matt closed for a moment and swallow, before opening them and coming face to metal with it again.

“ Be careful honey. You don’t wanna accidentally pull that trigger.” Angie called out from the door way.

“ See, this why I married you. Always thinking. I should probably put this safety on, shouldn’t I?” Robert chuckled, looking at his wife before pushing the little lever on the gun and activating the safety.

“ Daddy stop. You’re scaring him” Katie complained, from her father’s right side.

“ Well he scared me first. The way I heard you screaming from upstairs, I thought he was attacking you or something” Robert told her, causing Katie’s face to burning of embarrassment.

“ Well.” Robert paused for a moment to pick up Matt’s forgotten pants.

Then, rummaging through the young boy’s pockets, Robert locate Matt’s wallet. Robert then pulled out the young boy’s id before continuing.

“ Matthew J. Landersmith. Address 1654 Black river Ave. I will see you Monday when I drop my little girl off at school” Robert told him before standing up.

He then gathered Matt’s things and heading over to the window.

“ Get home safe” Robert smiled before throwing his clothes out the window.

“ Daddy!” Katie shouted.

A stern look from Robert caused Katie to sit back down and shut her mouth.

Matt then attempted to exist Katie’s room through the door when Robert placed a hand to the young boy’s chest stopping him.

“ No, no, no. Those who visit the Jefferson household always leave the way they came” Robert smirked.

Now knowing better, Katie said nothing as her father lead the boy to the open bedroom window. Then, with the towel wrapped around his waste, Matt was forced to jump off the Jefferson’s roof.

Robert then slammed the window shut and turned to his daughter.

“ Tomorrow, this doors coming off” Robert told her before ushering Angie out of the room and slamming the door behind him.

Dropped Call

The grey skies of Kanas City,Missouri mirrored the mood of thirteen year old Joey Kingston. Lying in the middle of his middle school’s soccer field, his once light grey soccer shirt was now almost black do to the amount of water it had absorbed.

Harder and harder, the rain continued to pour as if the God had instructed all the angles to shed their tears for Joey. For he’d already cried a lake worth of tears and had no more left to shed.

The angelic tears acted as a numbing agent, numbing his heart, mind and body leaving him with the feeling that he was floating. For a moment it was working to. Cold, wet, and numb, he was at peace. The rain kept him protected from the emotional pain that was attempting to eat him from the inside out, and the sound of the falling water kept all thoughts of the past twenty-four hours miles and miles from Joey’s mind.

Time, thoughts, and best of all feelings were non-existing as Joey laid in the grass of the soccer field of Lincoln High school . Then, like a blade shredding a sheet of fabric, the sound of Joey’s ringing phone tore through the sheet of clam that had been places over him. The sound was violent and unexpected as it pulled Joey from his trance,causing his mind to jolt back into reality.

“ Hello?” He said into the phone as he sat up.

“ Oh Joey, thank goodness you answered. Your father and I have been trying to get a hold of you for the past hour an a half. Where are you?” His mother asked frantically from the other end of the line.

Joey pulled the phone from his ear and checked the time. Twelve thirteen.

Sighing, he placed the phone back to his ear and spoke;

“ I’m at the soccer field. Sorry mom, I hadn’t realized it was so late” Joey apologized as he played with the laces of his shoes.

“ That’s alright, just…” she sighed into the phone before a blanket of silence fell a pond the two them.

Then, after a moment or two clear her throat.

“ Just get here safely” she spoke into the phone.

Her voice was broken. The sound alone was enough to intensify the ache in Joey’s heart by a great deal.

Lucky for Joey, before the heartbreak in her voice could make it’s way to his own heart, the call drop. Then, when he pulled the phone from his ear, Joey couldn’t bring himself to call her back. So, instead he pocketed his phone, feel onto his back, and looked up at the grey sky.

“ Josh!” He screamed up at the sky expecting his deceased twin brother to answer back.

“ Josh come back to me you bastard! You can’t leave me asshole! You weren’t suppose to leave me. Oh God, why’d you take him?” He cried.

Thunder cracked through the sky as the rain continued to fall even harder.

Then, as if God were answering Joey’s prayer, the rain lightened up as wet footsteps made their way over to him. Still with his eyes close, Joey held his breath as he prayed for the ultimate miracle. Then, opening his eyes, Joey was met with disappointment. Instead of his brother, Joey came eye to eye with his mother.

“ Hey baby boy” she greeted after taking a seat in the wet grass and placing her son’s head in her lap.

“ Mom he’s gone. Josh’s gone and he’s never coming back” He sobbed into her lap.

“ I know baby. I know. But we gotta get you home and changed. You’re gonna get sick baby” She told him.

For a second he stared up at her numb. He said nothing as he caresses his wet flesh. Then, after a moment he closed his eyes and asked the question that had been ringing in his head for the past two and a half weeks.

“ How do I go on? My twin brother, my better half. He’s gone mom. How am I suppose to live as half? How mom?” He questioned through a deep sob.

“ You’ve just gotta take it one day at a time baby. It’s gonna be hard but you gotta do it for him and for me” She told him as she placed her forehead to his.

“ One day at a time. You’ve just gotta take it one day at a time” she told him before placing a kiss to his forehead.

They then sat their in the rain for a bit longer before Joey’s father, Charles, came to get them. Then, after getting them home, Charles made soup while his son and wife took warm showers. It would take a while, but Charles promised himself and his deceased son that he’d put his wife and other son back together. Even if he had to do it piece by piece, he’d do it.

Off She Goes

Forty two year old Jordan Williams placed a pink and black Riverside Cheerleading duffle back into the trunk of his blue Toyota 4Runner and closed the trunk. Then, just in time, Jordan turned to see his wife, Chelsea, his eighteen year old daughter Rain, and his fourteen year old son Justin walking out of the house. Then, while Chelsea locked the front door, the children made their way over to their father.

“ Today’s the big day baby girl. I FINALLY get to get rid of you” Jordan joked, doing a playful victory dance.

“ Yeah, yeah. Whatever, you know you’ll be crying your eyes out the second we get to campus” Rain laughed, playfully pushing her father.

“ You’re right about that. It’s THIS ONE I’ll be happy to get rid of” He joked, hooking a thumb in Justin’s direction.

Jordan and Rain instantly fell into a fit of laughter causing Justin to look up from his Ipad.

“What’s so funny?” He questioned looking back and forth between his father and sister.

“ Nothing little man. Don’t worry bout it” Jordan laughed, shaking his head.

Just then, Chelsea descended the stairs of their front porch and made her way over to the car. Jordan was already waiting for her with the door open, so after she took her place in the passenger seat, she placed a soft kiss a pond his lips before he closed the door for her. He then made his way around the car and shut his door.

“Awe, you’re the sweetest husband ever daddy” Rain gushed from the backseat as Jordan pulled on his seatbelt.

“ Shut up Rain” He order playfully earning him a laugh from each member of the family.

Then, after cranking the key, the car roared to life and the Williams were off to their local 7/11. When they arrived, the entire family got out of the car and entered the store. Once inside, they broke off and began wandering the small convenient store for their individual desired snacks. Then, when they all had everything they wanted, the family gathered up at the register where they set their items on the counter.

“Um, is y’all all together?” A pink and black haired women asked as she popped her gum.

The woman’s eyes where like cold daggers as she looked down a pond Chelsea from the top of her imaginary high horse. Unfazed but the woman’s nasty looks, Chelsea simply stepped aside allowing her husband to take the lead.

“Yeah, all these items are together” He told her, knowing good and well that wasn’t what she was asking.

“ That’s not wh-”

“Look, I dont mean to be rude in anyway but, I’m kinda in a hurry. Today’s my daughter’s first day of college and I don’t wanna be late getting her there” He explained, hopping she’d shut up and ring up the items.

Laughing to herself, the women lowered her head and shook it before muttering;

“ Always taking the good ones” before proceeding to cash them out.

After being with Jordan for twenty four years off and on again, Chelsea was use to the dirty looks and rude comments. Africa American women approach her all the time with comments about how she was ‘taking all the good men’ and how ‘she didn’t deserve’ a man like Jordan. However, Jordan and Chelsea always did their best to avoid people like the cashier when they were out with their children. Sadly, today they were unable to. So, when Jordan and Chelsea turned to face their little girl, they could see the desire to kill arise within her. But, lucky for them, or rather lucky for the cashier, the women finished fast and Jordan tossed the money on the counter before ushering Williams family the hell outta dodge.

When they finally left the store, steam was particularly blowing out of both of Rain’s ears as if she were a cartoon character.

“ Unbelievable! I don’t understand how someone could be so disrespectful” Rain stated shaking her head.

“ I should go back in their and get her name so we can report her” she added, attempting to turn around.

And again, luckily for the cashier, Jordan grabbed his daughter and tucked her under his arm before walking towards the car.

“ Your mother and I have been dealing with comments like that FOR YEARS. Trust me, your grandfather and grandmother have said WAY worse to us. Don’t let those kinds of people get under your skin” Jordan told her, remembering the numerous racist comments Chelsea’s parents have been making about him for the entirety of his and Chelsea’s relationship.

“I just really hate it, you know? Who are they to say who should and shouldn’t be together?” Rain questioned, her anger sizzling down into frustration.

“ No one baby. They’re just mad at the world. That has nothing to do with just. But right that doesn’t matter cause we gotta get to UCLA. ” he informed her before kissing her forehead and opening her door for her.

Rain then hopped into the car before Jordan closed it and hopped into the front seat. Then, as he began pulling out of his parking space, Justin spoke up.

“ Dad, why are some people so against you and mom being together?” He questioned softly.

Chelsea stiffened for a moment beside her husband. Talking to their children, ESPECIALLY their son, about the discrimination they faced for being an interracial couple wasn’t something she liked to discuss.

Seeing her reaction, Jordan reached over and un-balled her fist before threading his fingers into hers. He then lifted their joyed hands and pressed his lips to the back of her hand.

This action caused Chelsea to close her eyes before opening them again and turning to give her husband a smile.

“ Some people just refuse to believe that the heart doesn’t see color” was all Jordan offered.

Content, Justin sat back and didn’t question any further. Then, after leaving the gaston a mile behind them, the family began talking and interacting with one another again. Before they knew it Jordan was pulling onto UCLA’s campus. Jordan then found a parking space near the administration office and parked. The Williams gang then hopped out of the car and Jordan and Justin began stretching while Chelsea took their daughter to the office.

“ Mom, why are African American women so upset your with dad?” Rain questioned as she and her mother walked arm and arm.

Chelsea slowed her steps a bit and bit into her bottom lip for a second.

“ Honestly I don’t know. When I was younger my father had always taught that any person who wasn’t purely white wasn’t a worthy being. But, when I met your father..” she trailed off for a moment, her brain pushing the memory of the first time Chelsea had seen Jordan walking with their now mutual friend Kyle.

Butterflies fluttered as she was transported back to the warm fall day. Jordan was new to the school and Kyle was showing him around. When Chelsea had seen Jordan in the court yard it was like a sense cut straight out of a romance movie. Everything slowed down and faded into nothingness as their eyes locked. Jordan smiled brightly and Chelsea could feel a blush take over her entire body.

Smiling at the memory, Chelsea returned to the present and looked at her daughter, her caramel skin tone a perfect blend of both herself and Jordan.

“ You know what, remind me and one day while sit down and I tell you all about how your father and I began.” Chelsea laughed patting her daughter’s arm.

With that said, Chelsea and Rain arrived at the office. Moments later they existed the build and began walking back to the car. There, they handed Jordan a paper with the address of Rain’s dorm, and they were off.

When they arrived, they located the dorm and Rain was overjoyed when she made the discovery that she’d be rooming with her long time best friend Emily.

So, while Rain and Emily caught up, Jordan and Richard, Emily’s father, began bring the girls their things. Then, once they were finished, the Williams and the Millers, Emily’s family, sat down for dinner. Then, after an amazing meal and some desert, the Williams and the Millers bid there girls farewell and leaving the girls to begin their college careers.