A Pleasant Surprise

Johnathan Patterson stood in the middle of his younger twin brother’s bedroom, fixing his hair in the mirror located on the back of the bedroom door.

“ Josh! Do we really have to go clubbing? You know how much I hate people.” John shouted.

“ Especially when their drunk” Joey, John and Josh’s twin brother added from his spot on Josh’s bed.

Josh, who was currently in the bathroom shaving his face, poked his half shaven face out of the bathroom door and looked at the other two men he entered the world with.

“ Are we really having his conversation AGAIN?” He asked, arching a brow up at his older twin brother.

“ Yes, yes we are. Cause I don’t wanna spend MY birthday with a bunch of drunk sluts” John answered.

Josh shook his head before it pulling back into the bathroom. The sound of his electric razor filled the space of the bathroom and leaked out into his bedroom. Then, after a moment or two the buzzing stopped and Josh stuck his head out the bathroom door again.

“ Joey, tell YOUR brother-”

“ Oh no. Joey’s not telling anyone anything. Im not getting in the middle of this” Joey stated, jumping up from his spot on Josh’s bed and throwing his hands up in a surrendering manner.

Shaking his head, Josh mumbled something to low for the other two to hear before pulling his head back into the bathroom. Then, the razor cut back on for a moment or two before it turned off for the third and final time.

“ We’ve been over this. We do all of John’s birthday things in the morning. Jeffy’s in the afternoon, and mine at night. I’ve been talking about this for WEEKS, why didn’t you guys fucking say something then?” Josh questioned, walking out of the bathroom as he wiped his face with a wet towel.

“ He’s got a point” Joey pointed.

“ Whatever happen to you not wanting to get in the middle of this JOEY” John stated, giving his brother a pointed look.

“ Who am I kidding? I’ll always be in middle.” Joey commented before laying back on Josh’s bed.

“ What happen to our tradition? Uh, you know. We buy matching outfits, take some pics, have dinner, and call it a day. Remember that?” John questioned throwing his arms in the air.

“ Joey, remember on our eighteenth birthday when SOMEONE…” Josh paused for a moment to stare into the eyes of his older brother for emphasis.

“ Said that we should start doing shit our own way. Making memories and traditions OURSELVES. Remember that Joey. Who said that again?” Josh asked sarcastically as he rubbed his chin.

“Fine! Let’s fucking go. But I want some food first. No fucking way am I drinking on an empty stomach” John grumbled.

Fist bumping, Josh tossed on his favorite black jeans and a blue button before grabbing his car keys. Then, after grabbing their matching jackets, the guys existed Josh’s house and into the misty Portland air. They then hopped into Joey’s Chevy Colorado, and back out of the driveway.

“ Can we stop by a 7-eleven Joe? You guys know I don’t like drinking on an empty stomach” John requested, causing Joey and Josh to let out a laugh.

“ This fucking guy” Joey laughed, hooking a thump at his older brother.

Complying, Joey found the closest 7-eleven. Then, the moment they arrived and pulled into a parking spot, a black Range Rover pulled up beside them.

The guys hopped out of their truck first before three women dressed as if they were headed to the club hopped out of their car. Instantly, the driver caught John’s attention. Her wavy hair fell down her back like a black waterfall. Then, as she made her way over to the door of the 7-eleven the luscious locks waved from side to side.

Right behind her, John entered the store as if he were a lost puppy. The women grabbed an Arizona iced tea from the cooler and began making her way to the front of the store. She then paid for her drink and turned to the door. Then, just before she walked out, the dark haired goddess turned to him.

“ Didn’t your mother ever teach you it’s not polite to stare?” She asked, looking him dead in the face.

“ She did. But my dad also told me that goddess are far and few so if I ever saw one up close I should soak it all in” He replied with a wide grin.

The women lowered her head and gave a little chuckle and shook her head.

“ You’re gonna have to try a little harder than that” she stated before walking out of the store.

Not ready for her to leave, John chased after her.

“ Wait, at least give me your number or something. You know so I can try again” He called out.

The women stopped in her tracks before turning around. Then, holding her hand out, she flicked a single, perfectly manicured finger, motioning for him to come closer. Then, when he was with reach, she spoke.

“Give me your phone” she order with a tone that awakened something with him.

Without question or hesitation, he handed it over.

Her hands moved quickly over the screen of his phone for a few minutes before she tossed it back to him.

“I’m a busy person John. I can’t just have strangers calling me when every they wish” she stated, causing confusion to take over his features.

It wasn’t until she headed back to her car that John noticed followed herself Instagram rather than her phone number. Puzzled but pleased with her photos, John double tapped a few pictures before grabbing a Code Red Mountain Dew, and a bag of chips. Then, after paying for them, he existed the store and hopped into the truck. As they pulled out of the parking lot, John starred at a picture of Angle’s, and what he assumed to be her friends, mirror selfie. Laughing to himself, John double tapped that one as well before shaking his head and pocketing his phone.

Let the game of cat and mouse begin.


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