Robert’s Mission

The day began like any other day would. Seventeen year old Robert Nelson woke up around six in the morning, got out of bed, and began his morning routine. He started off by stretching and getting his muscles warmed up. Then, after some push ups, a glass of water, and brushing his teeth, Robert began making his way downstairs. On any normal day, he would have been greeted with breakfast at the kitchen island. However, that day wasn’t a normal day. Instead of breakfast, he was greeted with a note.

Hi honey,

You’re father and I had some business to attend to in the city today. Sorry weren’t able to have breakfast with you. We didn’t want to wake you so sorry we didn’t say goodbye. We’re going to be here at for a couple days. So, if it isn’t to much to ask, please grab the mail. You’re father is expecting some important mail either today or tomorrow.

Be safe- Love mom.

‘Check the mail!’ The thought alone made him sick with fear.

‘Was she serious? She can’t be. She knows I don’t go outside’ He thought to himself.

Robert hadn’t been outside in YEARS. Not since….. No, he didn’t want to think about that. Shaking his head, he balled up the note and tossed it in the trash. There was no way in HELL he was going out there. You couldn’t pay him to leave the house. Crumbling up the note, he tossed it in the trash. Then, after making himself a bowl of cereal, he headed to the living room. He attempted to enjoy some television but the constant nagging in the back of his mind made it impossible. So, after fighting it off long enough to somewhat enjoy two and a half episodes of Clifford, he caved. Jumping up from the couch ran upstairs. If he was going out there he’d need protection. Going into his father’s study, he grabbed his father’s old military helmet and a bulletproof vest. Then, after suiting up, he headed back downstairs, he stood in the foyer.

“ Alright. Just go out there, grab the mail, and get back in. Simple Rob.” He stated, looking himself in the eyes.

He then took a deep breath, turned to the door and slowly reached for the door when a knock came at the door. Startled, he quickly ducked down and held his breath as if he were underwater.

There was silence for a moment before the doorbell rang again.

” UPS” a male voice called out.

With his heart till racing, Robert slowly rose to his feet and checked the peephole. Sure enough a man dress in a discussing brown uniform stood on the porch holding a box.

Wanting to get it over with, Robert threw open the door straddling the man a bit.

” I’ve got a package for Micheal” the man stated.

Robert grunted before the delivery man chuckled and handing him a pen and a bulky computer like device.

Not wanting to use his real name, Robert simply scribble on the pad before handing it back. Then, after receiving the package and bidding the man a farewell, Robert watch the man leave before slamming the door shut.

” Never again. I will never interact with the public again.” He vowed before tossing the package on the table in the middle of the foyer and heading back to his bedroom.


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