Twisted Affair

Patrick Collins whistled Bobby Hebb’s Sunny, as he punched in the security code for the alarm. Then, after successfully entering the code, Patrick began making his exist. Once outside, Patrick fished his car key out of his pocket and unlocked his blue,Toyota Tacoma. Then, after hopping into the truck, he inserted the key into the ignition and cranked the car to life. Then, as he was pulling his seatbelt on, Bobby Hebb’s voice filled the cabin of the truck. Laughing to himself, Patrick clicked his seatbelt before throwing the truck into reverse and began backing up. Then, after leaving the tattoo shop behind, he began making his way home when an idea smacked into the side of brain. So, taking a quick little detour, he headed to the favorite follow shop of his girlfriend Isabell. The fact that a follow shop was open at eleven o’clock at night was a bit strange to him but nevertheless he went anyway. Then, after getting Isabell an array of different flowers, he finally began making his way home. After sitting in the usual L.A traffic for two and a half hours, Patrick finally made it home. Moving quickly, he snagged his usual parking spot and hopped out of the truck. Then, after grabbing the flowers and his briefcase, he made his way into the large apartment building. Then, after a ten minute elevator ride, he finally arrived at his front door. The minute he entered the house, Patrick was met with the sounds of a grunting man. The sound cause Patrick’s eats to perk up like an alert dog. Then, there was a pause before a man’s voice filled the living room.

“ Oh shit Isabell, feels so good” The voice grunted.

That was it. That was the sentence that broke the cameral’s back. Seeing red, Patrick dropped everything and raced up the stairs. Then, busting into his and Isabell’s room, Patrick began confronting her.

“ You cheating little slut!” He roared.

An other gentleman quickly jumped up from the bed revealing more blood then Patrick had ever seen in all of his twenty seven years of being alive. Then, before he could process what was happening, the naked man opened the bedroom window and jumped out. Stunned, Patrick ran over to the window and stuck his head out. He looked for a minute or two, trying to see if the man had ended up clinging to a balcony below them, but he saw nothing. So, shaking all thoughts of the man, Patrick turned his attention back to Isabell.

“ Isabell, how could you!” He shouted turning to her.

It was only then that he realized she wasn’t responding. She didn’t jump up and attempt to plead her case. She didn’t cry or apologize. She didn’t do anything. She simply laid there staring at their bedroom ceiling. So, walking over to her, Patrick examined her. Her eyes were wide open but her chest didn’t rise and fall like. Then, as he looked closer, he saw that her throat had been slit. She wasn’t alive. He’d just walked in on a stranger sleeping with his girlfriend’s dead body. The thought made him sick. So, hurry out of the room, he dialed nine one one.


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