Waiting For Headlights

Forty one year old Megan Liverpool sipped her lukewarm, cranberry, flavored tea. As she sipped the warm goodness from her ‘World’s Greatest Mom’ coffee mug, she stared out at the road. Each time a set of headlights would illuminate the road in front of the Liverpool residence, Megan would tighten her grip on her mug and sit up straighter. Then, as the car would ride past the house she’d deflate into her chair. This cycle continued for quite sometime until after the umpteenth time, Megan went to take a sip from her mug only to find it empty. Luckily for her, moments after she came to the realization, a teapot arrived before her and a hand began filling up her cup again. Once it was full, Megan looked up into soft green eyes she’d spent the last twenty plus years looking into.

“ Thank you” she smiled, titling her head back.

The pourer of the tea then bent his head and placed a soft kiss a pond her lips. Then, after taking a seat behind his wife, Megan’s husband looked over at her.

“ It’s ten. You’re usually asleep by now. Why are you still up?” She inquired, looking at him.

“ Well, I didn’t get my kiss good night and I can’t catch any z’s when my better half is stressing about our son’s whereabouts” He replied.

“ I’m not stressing” she stated, rolling her eyes.

“ Megan” He said, drawing her name out as he gave her an all knowing look.

“ Marcus” she mocked.

“ Honey he’s nineteen for crying out loud. Plus he just got his car, he’s probably showing it off to all his friends or he’s on a drive. You know how much he likes driving at night” Marcus reminded her.

Letting her head fall back, she looked up at the night sky and sighed.

“ I know, but he’s still my baby boy and I have to make sure when he gets here I’m here to welcome him home” she stated.

Laughing to himself, Marcus shook his head at her antics. Then, opening his arms up wide, he wordlessly invited her to come and sit on his lap. She apply accepted and after getting comfortable, the husband and wife stared out at the driveway. Then, around eleventh or so, a black Dodge Challenger pulled into the driveway.

“ Oh my goodness! He’s here, he’s here” She cheered jumping up from her husband’s lap.

Then, as she ran over to their son’s car, Jason, their son, stumbled out of the car.

The moment Megan saw him, she instantly began livid at his lack of walking abilities. However that anger quickly began horror when Jason clutched his side and stumbled over to her. Blood dipped from his mouth as Marcus push passed his wife and caught his son just before he fell. Then, before Megan could register what was happening, two paramedics were lifting Jason into the back of an ambulance.


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