Dropped Call

The grey skies of Kanas City,Missouri mirrored the mood of thirteen year old Joey Kingston. Lying in the middle of his middle school’s soccer field, his once light grey soccer shirt was now almost black do to the amount of water it had absorbed.

Harder and harder, the rain continued to pour as if the God had instructed all the angles to shed their tears for Joey. For he’d already cried a lake worth of tears and had no more left to shed.

The angelic tears acted as a numbing agent, numbing his heart, mind and body leaving him with the feeling that he was floating. For a moment it was working to. Cold, wet, and numb, he was at peace. The rain kept him protected from the emotional pain that was attempting to eat him from the inside out, and the sound of the falling water kept all thoughts of the past twenty-four hours miles and miles from Joey’s mind.

Time, thoughts, and best of all feelings were non-existing as Joey laid in the grass of the soccer field of Lincoln High school . Then, like a blade shredding a sheet of fabric, the sound of Joey’s ringing phone tore through the sheet of clam that had been places over him. The sound was violent and unexpected as it pulled Joey from his trance,causing his mind to jolt back into reality.

“ Hello?” He said into the phone as he sat up.

“ Oh Joey, thank goodness you answered. Your father and I have been trying to get a hold of you for the past hour an a half. Where are you?” His mother asked frantically from the other end of the line.

Joey pulled the phone from his ear and checked the time. Twelve thirteen.

Sighing, he placed the phone back to his ear and spoke;

“ I’m at the soccer field. Sorry mom, I hadn’t realized it was so late” Joey apologized as he played with the laces of his shoes.

“ That’s alright, just…” she sighed into the phone before a blanket of silence fell a pond the two them.

Then, after a moment or two clear her throat.

“ Just get here safely” she spoke into the phone.

Her voice was broken. The sound alone was enough to intensify the ache in Joey’s heart by a great deal.

Lucky for Joey, before the heartbreak in her voice could make it’s way to his own heart, the call drop. Then, when he pulled the phone from his ear, Joey couldn’t bring himself to call her back. So, instead he pocketed his phone, feel onto his back, and looked up at the grey sky.

“ Josh!” He screamed up at the sky expecting his deceased twin brother to answer back.

“ Josh come back to me you bastard! You can’t leave me asshole! You weren’t suppose to leave me. Oh God, why’d you take him?” He cried.

Thunder cracked through the sky as the rain continued to fall even harder.

Then, as if God were answering Joey’s prayer, the rain lightened up as wet footsteps made their way over to him. Still with his eyes close, Joey held his breath as he prayed for the ultimate miracle. Then, opening his eyes, Joey was met with disappointment. Instead of his brother, Joey came eye to eye with his mother.

“ Hey baby boy” she greeted after taking a seat in the wet grass and placing her son’s head in her lap.

“ Mom he’s gone. Josh’s gone and he’s never coming back” He sobbed into her lap.

“ I know baby. I know. But we gotta get you home and changed. You’re gonna get sick baby” She told him.

For a second he stared up at her numb. He said nothing as he caresses his wet flesh. Then, after a moment he closed his eyes and asked the question that had been ringing in his head for the past two and a half weeks.

“ How do I go on? My twin brother, my better half. He’s gone mom. How am I suppose to live as half? How mom?” He questioned through a deep sob.

“ You’ve just gotta take it one day at a time baby. It’s gonna be hard but you gotta do it for him and for me” She told him as she placed her forehead to his.

“ One day at a time. You’ve just gotta take it one day at a time” she told him before placing a kiss to his forehead.

They then sat their in the rain for a bit longer before Joey’s father, Charles, came to get them. Then, after getting them home, Charles made soup while his son and wife took warm showers. It would take a while, but Charles promised himself and his deceased son that he’d put his wife and other son back together. Even if he had to do it piece by piece, he’d do it.


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