Off She Goes

Forty two year old Jordan Williams placed a pink and black Riverside Cheerleading duffle back into the trunk of his blue Toyota 4Runner and closed the trunk. Then, just in time, Jordan turned to see his wife, Chelsea, his eighteen year old daughter Rain, and his fourteen year old son Justin walking out of the house. Then, while Chelsea locked the front door, the children made their way over to their father.

“ Today’s the big day baby girl. I FINALLY get to get rid of you” Jordan joked, doing a playful victory dance.

“ Yeah, yeah. Whatever, you know you’ll be crying your eyes out the second we get to campus” Rain laughed, playfully pushing her father.

“ You’re right about that. It’s THIS ONE I’ll be happy to get rid of” He joked, hooking a thumb in Justin’s direction.

Jordan and Rain instantly fell into a fit of laughter causing Justin to look up from his Ipad.

“What’s so funny?” He questioned looking back and forth between his father and sister.

“ Nothing little man. Don’t worry bout it” Jordan laughed, shaking his head.

Just then, Chelsea descended the stairs of their front porch and made her way over to the car. Jordan was already waiting for her with the door open, so after she took her place in the passenger seat, she placed a soft kiss a pond his lips before he closed the door for her. He then made his way around the car and shut his door.

“Awe, you’re the sweetest husband ever daddy” Rain gushed from the backseat as Jordan pulled on his seatbelt.

“ Shut up Rain” He order playfully earning him a laugh from each member of the family.

Then, after cranking the key, the car roared to life and the Williams were off to their local 7/11. When they arrived, the entire family got out of the car and entered the store. Once inside, they broke off and began wandering the small convenient store for their individual desired snacks. Then, when they all had everything they wanted, the family gathered up at the register where they set their items on the counter.

“Um, is y’all all together?” A pink and black haired women asked as she popped her gum.

The woman’s eyes where like cold daggers as she looked down a pond Chelsea from the top of her imaginary high horse. Unfazed but the woman’s nasty looks, Chelsea simply stepped aside allowing her husband to take the lead.

“Yeah, all these items are together” He told her, knowing good and well that wasn’t what she was asking.

“ That’s not wh-”

“Look, I dont mean to be rude in anyway but, I’m kinda in a hurry. Today’s my daughter’s first day of college and I don’t wanna be late getting her there” He explained, hopping she’d shut up and ring up the items.

Laughing to herself, the women lowered her head and shook it before muttering;

“ Always taking the good ones” before proceeding to cash them out.

After being with Jordan for twenty four years off and on again, Chelsea was use to the dirty looks and rude comments. Africa American women approach her all the time with comments about how she was ‘taking all the good men’ and how ‘she didn’t deserve’ a man like Jordan. However, Jordan and Chelsea always did their best to avoid people like the cashier when they were out with their children. Sadly, today they were unable to. So, when Jordan and Chelsea turned to face their little girl, they could see the desire to kill arise within her. But, lucky for them, or rather lucky for the cashier, the women finished fast and Jordan tossed the money on the counter before ushering Williams family the hell outta dodge.

When they finally left the store, steam was particularly blowing out of both of Rain’s ears as if she were a cartoon character.

“ Unbelievable! I don’t understand how someone could be so disrespectful” Rain stated shaking her head.

“ I should go back in their and get her name so we can report her” she added, attempting to turn around.

And again, luckily for the cashier, Jordan grabbed his daughter and tucked her under his arm before walking towards the car.

“ Your mother and I have been dealing with comments like that FOR YEARS. Trust me, your grandfather and grandmother have said WAY worse to us. Don’t let those kinds of people get under your skin” Jordan told her, remembering the numerous racist comments Chelsea’s parents have been making about him for the entirety of his and Chelsea’s relationship.

“I just really hate it, you know? Who are they to say who should and shouldn’t be together?” Rain questioned, her anger sizzling down into frustration.

“ No one baby. They’re just mad at the world. That has nothing to do with just. But right that doesn’t matter cause we gotta get to UCLA. ” he informed her before kissing her forehead and opening her door for her.

Rain then hopped into the car before Jordan closed it and hopped into the front seat. Then, as he began pulling out of his parking space, Justin spoke up.

“ Dad, why are some people so against you and mom being together?” He questioned softly.

Chelsea stiffened for a moment beside her husband. Talking to their children, ESPECIALLY their son, about the discrimination they faced for being an interracial couple wasn’t something she liked to discuss.

Seeing her reaction, Jordan reached over and un-balled her fist before threading his fingers into hers. He then lifted their joyed hands and pressed his lips to the back of her hand.

This action caused Chelsea to close her eyes before opening them again and turning to give her husband a smile.

“ Some people just refuse to believe that the heart doesn’t see color” was all Jordan offered.

Content, Justin sat back and didn’t question any further. Then, after leaving the gaston a mile behind them, the family began talking and interacting with one another again. Before they knew it Jordan was pulling onto UCLA’s campus. Jordan then found a parking space near the administration office and parked. The Williams gang then hopped out of the car and Jordan and Justin began stretching while Chelsea took their daughter to the office.

“ Mom, why are African American women so upset your with dad?” Rain questioned as she and her mother walked arm and arm.

Chelsea slowed her steps a bit and bit into her bottom lip for a second.

“ Honestly I don’t know. When I was younger my father had always taught that any person who wasn’t purely white wasn’t a worthy being. But, when I met your father..” she trailed off for a moment, her brain pushing the memory of the first time Chelsea had seen Jordan walking with their now mutual friend Kyle.

Butterflies fluttered as she was transported back to the warm fall day. Jordan was new to the school and Kyle was showing him around. When Chelsea had seen Jordan in the court yard it was like a sense cut straight out of a romance movie. Everything slowed down and faded into nothingness as their eyes locked. Jordan smiled brightly and Chelsea could feel a blush take over her entire body.

Smiling at the memory, Chelsea returned to the present and looked at her daughter, her caramel skin tone a perfect blend of both herself and Jordan.

“ You know what, remind me and one day while sit down and I tell you all about how your father and I began.” Chelsea laughed patting her daughter’s arm.

With that said, Chelsea and Rain arrived at the office. Moments later they existed the build and began walking back to the car. There, they handed Jordan a paper with the address of Rain’s dorm, and they were off.

When they arrived, they located the dorm and Rain was overjoyed when she made the discovery that she’d be rooming with her long time best friend Emily.

So, while Rain and Emily caught up, Jordan and Richard, Emily’s father, began bring the girls their things. Then, once they were finished, the Williams and the Millers, Emily’s family, sat down for dinner. Then, after an amazing meal and some desert, the Williams and the Millers bid there girls farewell and leaving the girls to begin their college careers.


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